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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you open for all prayers?  What are the guidelines?

ISOC will is holding the 5 daily prayers as well as 20 raka'ahs of Taraweeh and Witr.  


How much is Sadaqatul Fitr?

Sadaqatul Fitr is a charity for the month of Ramadan. It can be given during Ramadan but it must be given before the Eid prayer. It is to help the poor and needy. It is obligatory upon everyone upon whom Zakat is obligatory. It should be paid on behalf of everyone in the family. The head of the household should pay it. It is $12 per person in the family including newborn babies.


How much is fidya?

Fidya is a substitute for fasting for those who are unable to fast due to terminal sickness. It is $15 per person / per day of missed fasting.


Will you be collecting and distributing zakat / sadaqatul fitr?

Yes, you can donate online , or mail a check – ISOC will distribute the funds on your behalf.

Now more than ever before, families are facing challenges – your generous donations will

enable ISOC to help families in need.


How can one apply to receive zakat / financial assistance?

Applications are available on-site and must be submitted in person – the security guard will assist you in getting an application.


At what age should children start fasting?

In observant Muslim families, normally, children start fasting from the age of 6 or 7. They do not fast every day of Ramadan. They fast on some days and then skip a few days, and then fast again. This way they become used to fasting.  Like salat, fasting is obligatory on them when they reach the age of puberty, around the ages of 13 or 14.


I usually pray at ISOC but now should I follow the timings of my local masjid in Orange County?

It is your choice. You can follow ISOC time or any masjid’s time for your daily Salat. However, you must follow the prescribed time. For example, if Fajr time starts at 5:00 am and sunrises at 6:15 am, then you have the choice to pray anytime in between; it is always good to pray earlier in time than later.   


Can I follow the online recitation of the imam from my home?

You can listen to the reading of the Qur’an but when you pray you should have your own prayer or make a Jama’ah at your home with the members of your own family. You are not allowed to have a virtual Jama’ah, following the TV or your website.


What if I miss some days of fasting?

You should not miss any day of fasting in Ramadan. If you are sick or traveling and some days of fasting, you should make up the missed day/days (qada) after Ramadan. You can do the qada any time before the next Ramadan, but sooner is better.


Do women have to make up the fasting missed during menstruation and nursing babies?

Yes, women have to make up the fasting missed for the excuses you mentioned. They do not have to make up the missed salat, but they are required to make up the missed fasts.


Can I receive a Covid-19 vaccination during my fast?

It is permissible to get the vaccine while fasting as nothing goes into the stomach and the vaccine has no nutritional value. 


Can I use eye/ear drops / nasal sprays? Can I brush my teeth during my fast?

Eye drops do not break the fast. It is permissible to use them during fasting, although it is better to delay until Iftar. Nasal drops are not allowed, because whatever is put in the nose goes to the throat. Brushing teeth without toothpaste or with a small amount of toothpaste is allowed. It is highly recommended to keep the mouth clean and use miswak. 


Can I donate blood while fasting?

It is permissible to have a blood test or blood donation while fasting. For blood donation during fasting, one should consult the doctor. One is allowed to donate blood if one is physically strong.


What if I accidentally eat or drink something?

If you accidentally eat or drink something, you should continue your fast. If it is done forgetfully, it does not break the fast.


How can I be informed of the latest ISOC news and events?

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